Adventure Awaits

For anyone who has seen the beloved Disney-Pixar animated movie Up the concept of an Adventure Book is a familiar one. Carl, the main protagonist, bumps into the wild-haired and wild-natured Ellie. Ellie invites Carl to look through her Adventure Book, a scrapbook collection filled with articles, pictures, stamps, and even a page she ripped “right out of a library book!

Summer is a time for adventure, whether camping in your backyard or at the Grand Canyon. But whether your exploration is on a small-scale or large, you must always, as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts teach, be prepared!

Along with proper clothing and footwear (or no footwear at all when roaming a beach’s tidepool) you’ll require a backpack, water bottle, snacks, and whatever gear you’ll need to collect specimens and record your observations – nets, goggles, binoculars, magnifying glasses, a journal, or maybe even a jar to hold your findings!

Going on a long car ride or flying in a plane? Don’t forget items to keep you occupied as you whittle away the time (and we don’t recommend whittling while riding over a bumpy road! Bad idea!). Travel-sized puzzles, a great book to read, magnetic play sets, activity books, a pad of paper and colored pencils…just make sure that whatever it is doesn’t distract your co-pilots navigating the vehicle to adventure!

Why not keep a record of your adventures? Collect leaves and flowers and press them to add to a scrapbook. Record your observations of strange bugs and unique birds in a journal. Draw your dream tree house in a sketchbook. Take pictures and later print them out to add to your scrapbook, or use a site like Shutterfly to create a photo book. Make movies using a video recorder. Or just take the time to create a “mental snapshot” – note the smells entering your nose, the warm breeze, the sound of seagulls or peepers.

Wherever you travel to or whatever you do the most important thing is to have fun and learn something, whether a new fact or something about yourself. In order to do this you’ll need to bring along an open-mind, fun-loving spirit, and desire to experience new things. As Ellie says, “Adventure is out there!” so go ahead! What are you waiting for?







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