Chances are you’ve probably heard of Earth Day. The annual celebration of Mother Earth, which is observed on April 22nd, aims to focus our attention on all things green. For the last several years we at Henry Bear’s Park have also been partaking in this effort to spread awareness while also implementing our own green initiatives.

How We Went Green

Some of our tactics have been as simple as encouraging our employees to turn computer screens and lights off when they’re not in use, to more elaborate changes. Our shopping bags and wrapping paper are made of recycled materials (the next time you receive one of our paper handle bags, check the bottom for a fun green message!), and we’ve promoted the use of reusable shopping bags by providing our Henry Bear reusable bags to customers who purchase $75 or more worth of merchandise! We’ve also switched the light bulbs in our stores over to energy-efficient LED bulbs. And all those cardboard boxes we get when we receive new product? It gets reused or recycled!

Providing You with Green Options

As we were going green we realized that many of you have been too! Not only are our customers looking for fun toys and games for their children, they also often take into consideration the materials used to create those delights. Several of the companies we carry, including Plan Toys, Hape, Green Toys, eeBoo, Sprig, Grimm’s, and more, use all-natural or recycled materials. Hape toys are made from wood and bamboo and any plastic pieces are “ensured durable enough to last for generations in order to encourage toys to be passed down rather than tossed out.” The dyes used not only non-toxic but also water-based. Meanwhile, Sprig uses a “durable, child-safe, bio-composite material made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic” and they use zero dyes and none of their toys require batteries! As for Plan Toys, we’re so confident in their product that we’re offering 20% off all Plan Toys sets on April 22nd – Earth Day!

Activities to Do at Home

“Going Green” isn’t just limited to light bulbs and energy efficient appliances. Earth Day is intended to celebrate all the beauty and majesty and, yes, fun that our natural world has to offer. Here are some quick suggestions:

  • With your family, create a space that allows you to explore nature together – whether a small garden or an open area that can act as a stage for all sorts of outdoor activities.
  • Plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs that can easily be tended to by children. Then, (using recycled materials, of course!) make signs to mark what’s being grown. Glue or tape cardboard to popsicle sticks or chopsticks and stake them into the ground – or come up with an idea of your own!
  • Turn energy-saving into an art activity — Make a cover to go over the light switch to remind people to turn off the lights, or decorate a timer to leave in the bathroom so that showers don’t go on forever. Want something more practical? Forego paper napkins and create custom cloth napkins for each family member with fabric markers, or use basic sewing skills to embroider bath towels so you’re not constantly doing laundry. Decorate cloth tote bags to take with you when you go shopping, the same with water bottles.

There are hundreds of things you can do as a family – the internet is full of great ideas! If you want product suggestions, check out our “Go outside and Grow” product page. Whatever you decide to do to become a little greener this spring, we hope you have fun doing it!

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