16.3 inch Lava Lamp Yellow and Purple

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Hypnotic and cosmic. Classic and modern. The infamous yellow and purple Lava Lamp fills your room with a cool artistic vibe, now in an even larger size! Includes 40-watt bulb. Stands an awesome 16.3"H, with yellow wax suspended in purple liquid. Be sure to follow safety instructions in package.

Recommended for ages 13+

Product Specifications

Requires 40-watt bulb (included).

Why We Love It

Lava lamps were groovy in the 1960s, and they remain groovy today! We have lava lamps on display in some of our stores, and every day families flock to them just to watch the balls of wax slowly rise and fall. The lava lamp's iconic shape and funky flow remain a popular lighting choice for bedrooms and hangout spaces, especially for older kids and teens who are eager to personalize their rooms.