900x Microscope Set with Case

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This microscope set has everything required to do some serious scientific examination! With three different magnification settings, little scientists can observe slides with up to 900x magnification. The set even comes with some blank slides, a petri dish, and a pipette so you can create your own specimens. You don't need a microscope to see how great this set is! 

Recommended for ages 8+

Product Specifications

Set includes:
  • 900x Microscope 
  • slide case with 5 prepared slides, 7 blank slides, 7 slide covers and labels, and 7 cover slips
  • petri dish
  • specimen vials
  • brine shrimp eggs
  • red and blue dye
  • sea salt
  • scalpel
  • tweezers
  • pipette
  • pick
  • spare lightbulb
  • instructions
  • storage case
Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Why We Love It

Science doesn't just belong in the classroom! No matter the topic, from polymers and putties to electronic circuits and outer space, conducting science experiments at home teaches kids how to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, follow detailed instructions, work with units of measure, practice observation, and assimilate new information into their existing knowledge bank.