A Curious Collection of Peculiar Creatures

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What’s your favorite animal - a majestic lion, a graceful horse? Those are great choices, but have you considered the fangtooth moray eel? It has two rows of icicle-shaped teeth! And the monkey slug caterpillar is ready to cuddle...just look out for the stingers all over its body (and its six limbs that technically aren’t legs)! It’s true, these animals are a little different - but their unusual features often give them incredible superpowers. Take the nearly blind star-nosed mole: its pink, flower‑shaped nose can detect the microscopic texture of everything it touches, and it does this at warp speed - up to 12 objects per second! What’s more, many of these weird, wonderful creatures need our help: they’re endangered, and we can’t afford to ignore their well-being any longer. It’s time to find a peculiar creature to love! Why not the blobfish?

Recommended for ages 8+

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