Audio-Tonies Arthur

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The Arthur Toniebox Audio-Tonie is a classic story add-on! This hand-painted Arthur figure, when placed on the Toniebox musical box, plays a series of Arthur stories that retain the charming tone of the PBS series while imparting everyday lessons - such as trying new things, going to the dentist, and being patient. Running time 42 minutes.

This is an accessory piece and requires the Tonies Starter Set (sold separately).

Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

The Tonies line is one we appreciate because it allows kids to be in control of their entertainment in an engaging screen-free format! The safe and intuitive design is easy for young children to master, and the wide range of audio content (including the ability to create your own!) appeals to many different tastes and keeps kids interested and eager for the next story.