Backyard Birding for Kids

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You’ve seen birds in your backyard or at the local park. Now become a young ornithologist! Learn all about the scientific study of birds with this kids’ introduction to birding, conveying fascinating information for beginners on such topics as bird anatomy, life cycles, and habitat. From there, readers are introduced to 60 different species of important birds to know. With chickadees, hummingbirds, owls, woodpeckers, and more, the field guide section serves as an identification aid and offers information about when to look, where to look, and what to look for. A how-to section provides advice to help children get started birding - with practical tips on attracting birds to their yards. There are also fun activities for the entire family to enjoy, a wonderful way to turn birding into a shared hobby. The activities range from simple, like leaving out nesting materials, to advanced, such as planting a bird- and pollinator-friendly garden.

Recommended for ages 6+

Why We Love It

After winter's long chill, nothing beats the thaw and first signs of spring! We love gardening kits and insect habitats that introduce children to botany and life science concepts; kites, sidewalk chalk and bubbles for a return to outdoor play; and books and stuffed animals highlighting the cutest blooms, birds, bugs and barnyard favorites.