Barbie Extra Star Power

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Barbie is not afraid to be a little EXTRA! Star Power Barbie rocks a furry rainbow coat and coordinating cloud-shaped clutch, red and black athleisure outfit, athletic socks and glittery heeled boots. Her hair is styled in puffs and long braids and she wears gold hoop earrings and a pair of sunglasses that say "Shine Bright". Not to be outdone, even her matching pup has star-shaped glasses, pink heels, and a handbag.

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

First manufactured in 1959, Barbie is a true icon! Many of us remember our first Barbie fondly - she provided hours of pretend play, and she also served as a meaningful role model, showing us the various things we could aspire to when we grew up. The Barbie of today has come a long way from her blonde light-skinned anatomically unrealistic origins, and is now more representative of the world around her.