Bingo Bears

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This first bingo game is an educational powerhouse! Bingo Bears comes with 4 customizable bear-shaped bingo cards and 32 double-sided tiles so that players can create their own boards at the start of the game, allowing families to focus differently on colors, counting or number recognition each time. On each turn, someone spins the double-sided spinner and a bear token is placed on a matching tile. First player to three in a row wins! 

Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

Toys and activities that are explicitly intended to teach specific skills can still be fun! Pretend cash registers and money-exchange games strengthen counting and math skills while offering opportunities for imaginative play; activity books come in a variety of themes that allow children to explore a favorite topic while practicing the ABCs, handwriting or pen control; and Mad Libs and joke books are ideal for family bonding and laughter while stealthily teaching kids about parts of speech and the rhythms of language.