Buildzi Game

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Buildzi is destined to be a family favorite! The game consists of two sets of Tetris-like blocks in vivid colors. Using the included game cards, there are multiple ways to play. Compete head to head to see who can duplicate the structure shown on the card! Or play in teams, with one player verbally directing the other to complete a build. Even more variations are listed in the instructions. And best of all, the game box has a visual guide to replacing the pieces so that everything fits back in perfectly, making clean-up almost as fun as the game itself! Fans of Tetris and Jenga will enjoy the Buildzi game by the creators of Tenzi.

Recommended for ages 6+

Why We Love It

Buildzi is one of our favorite games to sell because it's so versatile! Folks can play in teams or solo, competitively or cooperatively; older kids can have just as much fun as younger ones, and there are enough variations in the rulebook to take up an entire family game night. It's easy to clean up when the game is finished, but the pieces are so well made and brightly colored that they look good left out on the coffee table for next time, too!