Your Grandparents are Werewolves (Choose Your Own Adventure - Dragonlarks)

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Tonight is the full moon, and the first time you get to transform into a "real" werewolf. Your grandparents, Granwolf and Grampwolf, are also werewolves and might be able to show you the ropes. Who - or what - will you find in the woods if you go for a nighttime run with your grandwolfparents? Maybe you should play it safe and go to werewolf school first. You might help setup the big Wolf Dance or make lots of new werewolf friends. Should you hang out with your best friend Vammy the vampire? Will you learn how to run and howl with the pack or will you be left behind? Young readers will run and howl with the werewolves under the full moon, dance like no one's watching at the Wolf Dance, and have a blast with their grandma and grandpa, all while having fun reading and choosing.

Recommended for ages 5+