Cat Crimes

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In Cat Crimes, it’s up to the player to determine which criminal cat committed the crime. From the sordid mystery of a missing bird to the heinous act of a spilled coffee cup, the player must uncover the criminal based off of the clues presented and which cats were present. With 40 different challenges to choose from, the most difficult can be solved by only the most expert detectives! For 1 player.

Recommended for ages 8+

Product Specifications

Game includes: 
  • 40 challenge cards with solutions. Challenges range in difficulty from Beginner to Expert. 
  • 6 cat tokens with stands
  • 6 crime tokens
  • Game board
  • Instructions

Why We Love It

ThinkFun games were invented to make learning fun, and do they ever! From classics like Zingo and Rush Hour to newer favorites like Cat Crimes, we love how each game is engaging and fun to play repeatedly but also teaches valuable skills like first word recognition or logical deduction.