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Eighth Grade Witch (Choose Your Own Adventure - Nightmares)

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Your parents are professional demonologists, and you have just relocated to a spooky brownstone in Brooklyn, New York. Rumors have been swirling that you've just moved into a haunted house, as the brownstone has sat abandoned for years. You are about to start eighth grade at a new school and menacing ghosts are the last thing you want to deal with. Are you the victim of "new girl" pranks or is there a Brooklyn witch coven on your block? Is your house a creepy portal through time? Will you end up transformed into a lizard in the zoo for the rest of time? Middle grade readers will meet a coven of witches, troll a graveyard full of ghosts, travel back in time, and meet certain death and doom, all while having fun reading and choosing.

Recommended for ages 10+