Colorific Canvas Paint by Number Marvelous Moth

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This paint by number kit is full of kid-friendly fun, with the final result a frameable piece for your child's room. The 11.8" square canvas is pre-printed with the image and ready to be painted. The pre-mixed acrylic paints come in resealable numbered pots and are accompanied by a set of three brushes for various paint applications. There are general guidelines included as to how to create a more "finished" work of art, as well as a painter's palette for greater ease of paint application.

Recommended for ages 8+

Why We Love It

Arts and crafts encourage creativity, but they do so much more too! Activities like beading and weaving promote fine motor skills and cognitive abilities like organizing and sequencing; drawing and painting help focus on detail-oriented tasks, visual-spatial orientation, and how to communicate through images; and clay-based kits encourage sensory stimulation and logical reasoning.