Count and Clean Dust Bunnies Game

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Encourage kids to whistle while they work, or count while they clean! This fun game helps little ones build their motor skills while sharpening their counting and color recognition as well. Kids take turns flicking the spinner to determine what action they will use to gather the dust bunnies - tiptoe, running, hopping, and more - and how many to gather with their handy dust pan and broom. The first player to clean up all of their dust bunnies wins! Entire game stores neatly in its plastic case.

Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

Toys and activities that are explicitly intended to teach specific skills can still be fun! Pretend cash registers and money-exchange games strengthen counting and math skills while offering opportunities for imaginative play; activity books come in a variety of themes that allow children to explore a favorite topic while practicing the ABCs, handwriting or pen control; and Mad Libs and joke books are ideal for family bonding and laughter while stealthily teaching kids about parts of speech and the rhythms of language.