Duck Duck Dance Game

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Come on and shake a tail feather! Duck Duck Dance is an ideal first game, encouraging kids to practice gross motor skills, counting and vocabulary while also taking turns. 4 oversized dice show 8 different dance moves. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and dancing just like the ducklings shown on the dice. Turn over all four audience member tokens to win. Easy and fun for the whole family! Fans of Monkey Around and Feed the Woozle will enjoy. For 2 or more players.

Recommended for ages 2+

Why We Love It

Games and puzzles aimed at toddlers are often overlooked, but this is the perfect age for them! Whether floor or block or frame-style, puzzles with large chunky pieces help toddlers with their fine motor skills and teach a lot about patience as they learn how to place each piece precisely. The best games for toddlers often include a tactile component or physical activity - at this age their attention span is limited and their energy boundless, so a game that harnesses one to channel the other is a win!