Elefountain Water Show

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Turn bathtime into a circus...in a good way! The Elefountain water show is a blast - literally, with 4 different water features. Elephant's trunk creates a shower, umbrella spins and sprays, trumpet releases three streams of water, and the ball spins and rotates on top of the trumpet's stream. Little ones will enjoy stacking and manipulating each piece, while learning about cause and effect in the process. Includes handy storage bag.

Recommended for ages 18 months+

Product Specifications

Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

Why We Love It

Bathtime is the perfect opportunity to develop healthy lifelong habits while also having fun and learning through play! The presence of water allows for a range of toys that intuitively teach basic concepts (buoyancy, balance, permeable vs impermeable boundaries) and promote coordination and motor skills.