Fuel n Duel Rocket Racers

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Racers...start your engines, and may the best custom car win! A thrilling mix of science and car racing fun, Fuel n Duel Racers shows kids how customizing their cars with different weight distribution and wheels or varying fuel ratios can affect vehicle performance. For even more scientific fun, introduce obstacles like sand and drag-inducing accessories, and watch how race results change. Kit includes 2 cars, 16 wheels, 4 track pieces, 2 fuel tanks, and accessories.

Recommended for ages 8+

Why We Love It

Science doesn't just belong in the classroom! No matter the topic, from polymers and putties to electronic circuits and outer space, conducting science experiments at home teaches kids how to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, follow detailed instructions, work with units of measure, practice observation, and assimilate new information into their existing knowledge bank.