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Move over, paintball! GelBlaster is the new eco-friendly way to battle your friends. Rechargeable and lightweight, the Gel Blaster Surge Gun shoots nontoxic water-based Gellet pellets that burst on impact and disintegrate when dry - so no pain, no mess, and no cleanup. GelBlaster can launch Gellets up to 100 feet at 150 feet per second. Set comes with both blue and orange fins, barrel tips, and Gellets so that you can personalize your GelBlaster and keep track of your teammates. Charging is easy with the included USB cable, and setup is a breeze. Just fill the included hopper with hydrated Gellets and attach the hopper to the top of the GelBlaster. Flip the switch to "ON" and you're good to go! Set comes with GelBlaster Surge blaster, two hoppers, 2 feednecks, 2 packs of Gellet pellets, USB Cable, safety glasses, and paper target.

Recommended for ages 13+