Glow Battle Family Pack

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Unleash the warrior at your next birthday party, sleepover or group gathering with an epic glow-in-the-dark sword fight! Players arm themselves with (harmless) foam weapons, then face off with one another in games like Knights of Old, Gladiators - or make up your own! Each Starlux Games Glow Battle family pack includes 8 light up foam weapons and glowing wristbands, home base markers, and gameplay ideas. For 2-20 players.

Recommended for ages 8+

Product Specifications

Requires batteries (included).

Why We Love It

We love the way Starlux takes classic outdoor play and gives it a glowing twist for a whole new generation! From freeze tag to capture the flag, their games are easy to learn, involve vivid and engaging light-up elements, and encourage families to get outside and move around together as a team.