Hi There! Let's All Be Friends!

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Hi There! Little lion Bababoo is waving and all his friends are there too. Fairy bunny Pippa is cheerfully waggling her ears, Wilma whale is splashing with her flippers, little monkey Yuki is swinging his legs, and elephant Lolo is trumpeting with his trunk. They all want to be your friends. Isn’t that wonderful? Interactive board book has a hole for kids' or adults' fingers to make the motion described in the story.

Safe from birth up

Why We Love It

There's so much to love about Bababoo and Friends! These sets are crafted in wood, and revolve around a world of adorable animal characters, each with their own relatable quirks. Best of all, whether it's a puzzle or a pull toy, there is always an interactive storytelling element that encourages imagination and creativity.