Hot Wheels Launch Across Challenge

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Earn 40 Bonus Points


An awesome combination of car play and motor skills! In the Launch Across Challenge, each player launches cars to hit their tiles, trying to be the first to get all of their tiles flipped to one color. Each player can move the launcher to adjust where their car lands, or take a defensive approach and try to land cars on the other player's side to sabotage their board. For an additional way to play, players can adjust the ramp to launch their car underneath the tiles, flipping them from underneath. Set comes with 1 Hot Wheels vehicle.

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

Did you know Matchbox cars were invented because the founder's daughter could only bring to school toys that could fit into a matchbox? Matchbox and its racing counterpart Hot Wheels have been speeding across playroom floors for over 50 years. We love the realistic detailing and scaled-down accuracy that makes them perfect for kids who are observing the world around them and want their toys to reflect that reality.