Human Body

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How many bones do I have in my body? What does my heart do? And why do we breathe? Find out in this fact-filled book, the first in a new non-fiction series for children aged 5+. Each book answers 100 questions in a simple and informative way, and has more than 70 lift-flaps to open.

author: Heather Alexander
pages: 16

HEATHER ALEXANDER was born in New York City, and now lives in New Jersey. She began her career editing children's books such as Goosebumps and Fear Street, before moving into writing. She has written over 40 books for children.
ANDRES LOZANO is an illustrator from Madrid, who currently lives in London. He lists his inspirations as nature, architecture, franco-belgian comics and film noir. His work is characterised by overlayed colors, textures and strong linework. He has worked with: The Wall Street The New York Times, The Sunday Times, and Anorak.

published: 2017