JCB Teletruk Forklift with Pallet

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A powerful truck model with an earth-friendly construcion! The JCB Teletruk achieves maximum efficiency thanks to its telescopic boom, but designed for zero emissions at the same time. In this new Bruder version, the steerable forklift on the rear axle offers space for a driver in the modern cab. The height-adjustable telescopic arm can be retracted and extended as well as locked, and the angle of the fork can be adjusted. For the true completist, the Teletruk's fork can be switched out with other Bruder tools (sold separately).

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

When playing with toy vehicles, there's more than meets the eye! Kids are enjoying pretend play, and learning about the cause and effect of making a wheeled or flying machine go, but they're also intuitively making calculations about weight, speed and basic physics, strengthening their motor skills, and improving balance and coordination.