Launch Rocket Catapult Launcher

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This rocket is unlike anything you've ever seen! Not only kid-powered but full body-powered, the Launch Rocket is a catapult that launches foam-tipped rockets high up into the air. Kids strap into the footpads, lay down on their backs, load the rocket into the launcher, pull back and let go. Rockets can soar over 250 feet, and design allows for an exploration of how leverage, angles, force and energy affect the rocket's trajectory. Set includes launcher, 2 rockets, 3 latex bands, and protective eyewear.

Recommended for ages 10+

Why We Love It

Active and outdoor toys are a fun way for children to practice their motor skills and reach important developmental milestones. Jumping, running, playing catch, balancing, scooting, you name it - in addition to skill building, being active keeps kids happy and healthy.