Magic Wooden Table Set

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This isn't just a magic set, it's a full performance experience! The retro painted wooden carrying case contains all the essential supplies and converts to a sturdy magic table, where kids can learn to master and then demonstrate over 200 incredible illusions. Tricks include producing a mountain of candy from the Magic Production Box, tossing the Baffling Boomerangs, making 3 balls penetrate 3 cups with the Cups And Balls, passing solid metal through solid metal with the classic Linking Rings trick, and turning one large die into several tiny dice! Set comes with instructional video download that makes all of these tricks easy to learn and awesome to perform.

Recommended for ages 7+

Why We Love It

Magic is an incredible way to play! Learning close-up tricks helps strengthen fine motor skills, while misdirection tricks and illusions allow kids to build stories and boost their social-emotional intelligence through dynamic interaction. Above all, performing for an audience builds confidence and self-esteem.