Magna-Tiles Storage Bin and Playmat

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Expand on the fun of Magna Tiles with this storage bin and playmat! When assembled with the easy-close velcro straps, bin holds up to 300 Magna Tiles (sold separately) securely, with sturdy handles for carrying. But lay the storage bin flat and it spreads out into a 28"x25" play space for building fun. The surface is printed with the colorful outlines of actual Magna Tiles pieces, allowing children to use it as a template for pattern-making.

Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

We firmly believe that when it comes to Magna Tiles, there is no such thing as too many! The colorful magnetic tiles are constructed from food-grade plastic and in such a way that the magnets are safely embedded to allow for 360-degree construction. There's no frustration from magnets repelling each other, and no limit to what children can imagine and build in two or three dimensions.