Mega-Maze Adventure!

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This is not just a book of mazes—the book itself is the maze! A maze that is more than 600 feet long, to be precise. Consisting of fourteen spreads, the mega-maze begins on the front cover and, through the clever use of die-cut portals, continues page by page, zigging and zagging, until it finally ends on the inside back cover. As inventive as the portal concept is, what’s truly dazzling are the mazes themselves. Each spread is conceived as its own stand-alone world, marrying hypnotic detail with bright, swirling, richly colorful and complex illustrations. There’s Robot World and Butterfly World, Ski World and Underwater World, Roller-Coaster World and Dragon World, Cave World and Skyscraper World. Hidden surprises are woven into all of the mazes, and fun facts add another layer of pleasure to a compelling adventure.

Recommended for ages 8+