Mega Morphibian Shark

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Step aside, great white. There's a new top predator in town! Land or sea, mountain or river, this ferocious shark knows no bounds. Its powerful four-wheel drive takes on all kinds of terrain. Dirt, grass, sand, gravel - They're just like smoothly paved roads under the tread of these wheels.

Then, steer it straight into any body of water - With a great big splash, it powers straight on through, living up to and beyond its mega shark name. You can run but you can't hide from this fun-seeking machine!

Designed with fully functional steering and jaw-dropping shark-shaped contours, the Mega Morphibian Shark is sure to become your little racer's ultimate playtime hero.

Recommended for ages 6+

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Kid Galaxy

Why We Love It

When playing with toy vehicles, there's more than meets the eye! Kids are enjoying pretend play, and learning about the cause and effect of making a wheeled or flying machine go, but they're also intuitively making calculations about weight, speed and basic physics, strengthening their motor skills, and improving balance and coordination.