Mini Deluxe Magic Purple Scooter

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Peace of mind is the greatest value from these beautiful 3 wheeled scooters for kids because every safety and performance detail is Swiss-designed and engineered. Riders use their bodyweight to gently lean into turns. The Micro Mini Deluxe scooters are lightweight, adjustable, and shock absorbing, with a reinforced fiberglass deck and top-quality construction. And now the Magic series adds some glow, with light-up handlebars that cycle through five colors. Built to last for years. Wear helmets for safety.

Recommended for ages 2-5.

Product Specifications

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Why We Love It

Active and outdoor toys are a fun way for children to practice their motor skills and reach important developmental milestones. Jumping, running, playing catch, balancing, scooting, you name it - in addition to skill building, being active keeps kids happy and healthy.