Montessori Writing Lab

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What a fun way to get started writing! The Montessori Writing Lab uses the Montessori method of presenting each word in three different fashions, so that children can learn and understand the lesson in a deeper way. First kids build the animal puzzle letter by letter, to reveal a completed animal and its name. Then they hunt for each letter tile and recreate the animal's name underneath. Finally, they grab the dry erase marker and write each letter on their own to form the word. Boards allow for the creation of 3-, 4-, and 5-letter words, and set includes blank tiles so that families can use their own words once the included ones have been mastered. Set contains 72 letter tiles, 3 word houses, 18 animal puzzles, dry erase marker, and instruction guide.

Why We Love It

Headu is an Italian company with a focus on educational toys. We love the bright colors they use, and the way they translate the traditional Montessori method into engaging games and toys that every family can enjoy.