My First Toolbox

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This set is perfect for any child's first foray into repair or construction play! With tools that function like their real life counterparts, they're great for kids who like real tools, but may not be ready for a real hammer. They'll go from pretend DIY projects to real home repair in no time! 

Set includes a hammer, screwdriver with 3 interchangeable heads, pliers, wrench, ruler, level, 2 nuts, 2 bolts, and a nail all in a durable toolbox carrying case.

Recommended for ages 3+. 

Why We Love It

Fantasy or pretend play is how children begin to spread their imaginative wings. Dramatic play strengthens language and communication as kids talk about their make-believe world. And in playacting children get the chance to try on new identities and explore all possible versions of themselves in a safe and free way.