Mythical Pom Animals

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Making these colorful and cuddly critters is so easy it might as well be magic! Start with the pretty pandacorn, then travel down to the sea make friends with a mellow meowmaid and share a tasty treat with a narwhal. Best of all, there are no needles or pins required to assemble this hands-friendly trio of mythical animal stuffies. Just fill the pre-sewn felt shapes with stuffing and one of the enclosed hearts, seal closed with an iron, then add poms to make a mythical animal. Finally, fill out the adoption certificates to make each friend a part of the family!

Recommended for ages 6+

Why We Love It

This kit is a favorite because it brings a touch of magic and whimsy to an otherwise straightforward art activity. Adhering pom poms to decorate a design is fun and mess-free, and the mythical animal forms turn it into an opportunity to customize a magical mythical creature.