Ninjago Catamaran Sea Battle

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The Lego Ninjago Catamaran Sea Battle building set is action-packed fun, with 2 catamarans so that kids can stage thrilling clashes at sea. Set includes 6 minifigures (Island Jay, Island Zane, Island Kai, Chief Mammatus, Rumble Keeper and Thunder Keeper) with weapons, as well as 2 catamarans. The Keepers’ battle catamaran has 2 spring-loaded shooters and can split into 3 separate boats, one with a mini prison for the ninjas, and one featuring 2 stud shooters and a casket of diamonds; while the ninjas’ own catamaran features 2 spring-loaded shooters and can fold up into speed mode and fold back out for attack mode.

Recommended for ages 9+