Plant and Grow Woodland Forest

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We can’t imagine what could be more magical than a fantastical fairy garden in a toadstool terrarium. With potting mix, chia seeds, gravel and colored sand, kids can create their own little layered habitat in a 5.5 inch-high jar with decorative mushroom cap lid. Place the gnome and other figurines inside, decorate the outside with included stickers, tend to the garden, then watch in awe as things grow! Try this shroomtastic garden-in-a-jar today!

Recommended for ages 6+

Why We Love It

The world's oldest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, Faber Castell is known for the quality of its art supplies and its commitment to production processes that ensure it meets carbon neutrality and other sustainability standards. All that aside, we love the durability of their arts and craft kits, each of which includes artist-quality components that can be used over and over again.