Polly Pocket Unicorn Party

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RSVP to the best party ever! Shaped like an adorable unicorn pinata, this compact Polly Pocket playset has sparkly wings that extend and a handle for take-along fun. Start the party fun by pulling the tab and watch the colorful stream of confetti and over 25 surprises fall from the pinata! Many of the surprises have a plug and play feature so they can be inserted into the playset for customizable play. Inside the unicorn is a princess adventure featuring Polly and Lila dolls. Princess castle opens to reveal a throne and bedroom, while parrtgoers can bounce in the bouncy house, ride the see-saw, slide the rainbow cloud back and forth, and float along the river on the unicorn floatie. Accessories include: 2 unicorns and a carriage; a dragon; a flower swing; a lollipop swing; balloon stand; necklace and ring; 2 tiaras; 2 princess skirts; and more.

Recommended for ages 4+

Why We Love It

Dolls and figural playsets allow children to create and act out stories. They can imitate what they see in their everyday lives, replicate a scene from their favorite show, or imagine something completely new. Playing with figures also fosters social and emotional awareness, and encourages kids to practice empathic and caretaking skills.