Pool Party

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Marco Polo you've heard of. But what about Sharks and Minnows? Or What Time Is It, Dr. Shark? Pool time is about to get lit, literally. The Starlux Pool Party set comes with 2 dive diamonds, 2 relay race lights, and 4 wearable LED bracelets, in orange and green so that kids can play in teams if desired. Included are 10 cards for water-based game ideas, with rules and variations. Light-up pieces are submersible and mold-resistant. Ideal for use in pools, lakes, hot tubs or even a special bath time!

Recommended for ages 8+

Why We Love It

We love the way Starlux takes classic outdoor play and gives it a glowing twist for a whole new generation! From freeze tag to capture the flag, their games are easy to learn, involve vivid and engaging light-up elements, and encourage families to get outside and move around together as a team.