Pretendables Backyard Pizza Oven Set

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Serve up some piping hot pizza for a pretend play treat! An introduction into real cooking, this oven set is also great for practicing fine motor skills. Soft fabric toppings can be organized and stored in the plastic container until it's time to dress the wooden pizza slices. Kids will enjoy arranging the toppings and the pizza onto the giant spatula, sliding it into the oven, and then pulling it out when "done". They can pretend to "season" the pizza with the shakable containers of pretend cheese and red pepper, and then use the pizza cutter to "slice" the pizza into individual servings! Oven can also be used as storage when playtime is over. Set includes 4 pizza slices, pizza oven, felt toppings with container, 2 shakers, giant spatula, rolling cutter and serving utensil, menu and two serving plates.

Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

Fantasy or pretend play is how children begin to spread their imaginative wings. Dramatic play strengthens language and communication as kids talk about their make-believe world. And in playacting children get the chance to try on new identities and explore all possible versions of themselves in a safe and free way.