Professor Maxwell's VR Atlas

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Travel anywhere, from your living room! With just a smartphone and free app download, this VR kit takes the whole family on a journey around the world. The 138-page atlas is filled with detailed illustrations and packed with facts about geopolitical and cultural landmarks, languages, food, animals and more, and contains over 200 VR and AR experiences. In between viewings, there are over 15 hands-on projects and activities that help reinforce and make even more vivid each geographical concept. Kit contains hands-free goggles and atlas activity book.

Recommended for ages 8+

Why We Love It

Abacus is a new line of virtual reality kits that introduce families to universally engaging topics like world geography, the human body, magic and dinosaurs. We love them because rather than relying on a screen, these kits use smartphones as an added value to an already densely-packed activity book with tons of hands-on activities.