Rocket Ball Air Stacker

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3...2...1...blast off! Toddlers can explore air power and building with this rocket set. Little ones can stack the tubes in numerical order to build a rocketship that stands 3 feet tall. Once the pieces are stacked, place the ball into the base and turn on the fan to watch the ball shoot up to the top. When the lid is placed back on top of the rocket, the ball will sink back down.

Recommended for ages 2+

Why We Love It

Much like their counterparts for older kids, first building toys are fantastic for providing lessons in cause and effect, spatial reasoning, problem solving and decision making, as well as fine motor skills! Building can be an open-ended activity, or it can be guided by a visual touchstone - both styles of play offer value, as open-ended building encourages creativity while guided building teaches little ones how to follow directions, physically replicate what they see, and troubleshoot issues that arise.