Sidewalk Chalk 16 Pack

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Create outdoor masterpieces with washable sidewalk chalk in bright bold colors! Ideal for sidewalks, this set gets kids outside for artistic, imaginative fun - hopscotch? Check! Four square? For sure! Driveway mosaic? You got it! The anti-roll shape keeps sticks handy without rolling away and produces fine lines or broad strokes that simply wash away with water. Includes 16 sticks of Crayola Sidewalk Chalk in exclusive colors.

Recommended for ages 3+

Why We Love It

Did you know that the scent of Crayola crayons is one of the most universally recognizable smells? While these crayons are our go-to, thanks to their color saturation and smooth application, Crayola also makes a range of other kid-safe products that encourage creativity and imagination.