Smart Machines 5 in 1 Buildable Drone

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The power of a drone is now within your control! Build a high-tech, flying camera drone and four other camera-enabled robotic models. Control the robots using the remote-control interface in the included app, or write programs using an easy, visual programming language in the app. The onboard HD camera captures photos and video from the moving robots. The robotic camera car gets zooming and panning shots, while the 360-degree camera allows you to see all around you and a turntable camera takes a rotating shot. The hands-free camera mounting takes photos using voice activation. Four electric motors, a central controller unit, and an included lithium battery, as well as over one hundred building pieces, make it all possible.

Recommended for ages 8+

Why We Love It

Science doesn't just belong in the classroom! No matter the topic, from polymers and putties to electronic circuits and outer space, conducting science experiments at home teaches kids how to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, follow detailed instructions, work with units of measure, practice observation, and assimilate new information into their existing knowledge bank.