Spin Gineer Building Set

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Weld, weld, weld, what have we here! This first construction kit is an ideal introduction to both structural engineering and welding skills. Kids simply insert a welding rod into the tool, turn it on to start the rod spinning, then apply the tip of the rod to the building pieces that need to be joined, and voila! The friction safely melts the rod and creates a joining weld. Welds harden almost immediately for solid hold, but are flexible enough to snap apart for repeated use. Instruction booklet and blueprints show how to build a suspension bridge over two feet high, but this open-ended kit allows for endless experimentation with structure and form. Set includes over 200 building pieces, one pack of 48 welding rods and welding tool.

Recommended for ages 8+

Product Specifications

Requires 4 D batteries (not included)

Why We Love It

Building toys are fantastic for providing lessons in cause and effect, spatial reasoning, problem solving and decision making, as well as fine motor skills! Building can be an open-ended activity, or it can be guided by an instruction manual - both styles of play offer value, as open-ended building encourages creativity while guided building teaches kids how to follow directions, physically replicate what they see, and troubleshoot issues that arise.