Star Wars Villainous Power of the Dark Side

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Have you ever wanted to be a Star Wars villain, for just a little while? This game is the answer! Power of the Dark Side is a stand-alone Star Wars Villainous game in which each player takes on the role of a Star Wars Villain and uses their unique abilities to achieve their very own devious objective, while also sabotaging opponents. Playable characters are Kylo Ren, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress and Moff Gideon. For 2-4 players. Fans of Citadels and Happy Little Dinosaurs will enjoy.

Recommended for ages 10+

Why We Love It

Games are a great way to bring families together! Social games encourage communication and bonding, logic and strategy games teach planning and reasoning skills, games of luck introduce the element of surprise and remind everyone how to win and lose graciously - and all games offer practice at following rules, taking turns, and working together.