Super Hero JR Batman and the Joker Escape

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This super-hero toy includes 4 DC minifigures - Batman, Harley Quinn, The Joker and a prison guard - battling it out. Arkham Asylum features an opening barrier, entrance doors with a removable crossbar lock, watchtower with a minifigure seat, 2 prison wings each with an opening jail cell for a minifigure, rotating buildable searchlight, TV screen with image of The Joker, buildable control panel with detachable handcuffs, plus 3 Batman villains’ possessions—buildable Scarecrow fear gas container and Mr. Freeze ray gun, plus Penguin’s hat. Batman's helicopter features a Starter Brick chassis, opening minifigure cockpit and rotating rotors. Harley Quinn's bike features space for a minifigure plus a chain and hook to pull the mobile catapult or pull down the prison cell walls. Mobile catapult has 2 launchers plus 3 buildable bombs.Includes Batman’s Batarang and megaphone, and Harley Quinn’s baseball bat.

Recommended for ages 4+