Super Hero Mr. Freeze Batcycle Battle

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This super-hero playset includes 3 LEGO minifigures - Batman, Robin and Mr. Freeze - battling it out. Batcycle features a dual minifigure cockpit for Batman and Robin, a stud shooter, Batman’s Batarang and grappling hook shooter, Robin’s sword, 2 non-shooting guns, 2 batwings and a split function to divide the vehicle into 2 separate bikes. The Batarang, grappling hook shooter, sword and 2 guns can be detached from the Batcycle and held by minifigures for battle action. Also includes a snow scooter with space for Mr. Freeze. Accessory elements include Mr. Freeze’s helmet and backpack with an attached, non-shooting freeze gun, plus 10 assorted Action Pack elements to customize builds, minifigures and weapons.

Recommended for ages 6+