The World of Eric Carle Tissue Box Sensory Toy

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Imagine the wonder of something as simple as a box of tissues for an infant. This Sensory Tissue Box is that wonder-filled thing, made even better! Plush tissue box is soft and brightly colored, each side printed with an iconic Eric Carle scene, and a lightly weighted bottom so that it stays put when little hands start grabbing. "Tissues" are a set of rainbow-hued play scarves, some transparent and some opaque with a satisfying crinkle texture. Children will love the cause and effect of pulling out scarves and replacing them in the box, as well as the fun of sorting scarves by color or material and the richly imaginative pretend possibilities.

Safe from birth up

Why We Love It

The first year of a child's life is full of important milestones, and the best infant toys are ones that support and encourage healthy development. Stacking toys and first blocks develop coordination, ratlles and teethers encourage exploration using all the senses, and first vehicles and push toys teach cause and effect while inspiring infants to follow with their eyes and eventually their bodies too.