Ticket to Ride: First Journey

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Ticket to Ride: First Journey board game takes the gameplay of the Ticket to Ride series and scales it down for a younger audience. Players collect train cards, claim routes on the map, and try to connect the cities shown on their tickets. In more detail, the game board shows a map of the United States with certain cities being connect by colored paths. Each player starts with four colored train cards in hand and two tickets; each ticket shows two cities, and you're trying to connect those two cities with a contiguous path of your trains in order to complete the ticket. The first player to complete six tickets wins! Play Ticket to Ride for kids today! For 2-4 players.

Why We Love It

Games are a great way to bring families together! Social games encourage communication and bonding, logic and strategy games teach planning and reasoning skills, games of luck introduce the element of surprise and remind everyone how to win and lose graciously - and all games offer practice at following rules, taking turns, and working together.