Timber Tots Bathtub Bay

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Turn any bathtub into Bathtub Bay! The treehouse set attaches to the wall or side of the tub using suction cups, and is easily removed for cleaning and storage. Fill your tub, and start the adventure - send Polo the walrus down the water slide and into the boat, open the door and bring Polo out to play, then use the boat as a scoop and pour water into the top of the tree. Water sprays out of the front and pours from the branch to spin the propeller and splash the crab. Even better, it changes color when wet!

Recommended for ages 2+

Why We Love It

Bathtime is the perfect opportunity to develop healthy lifelong habits while also having fun and learning through play! The presence of water allows for a range of toys that intuitively teach basic concepts (buoyancy, balance, permeable vs impermeable boundaries) and promote coordination and motor skills.