Tony the Peg Stacker Dump Truck

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This sturdy dump truck multitasks as building toy and educational tool! Tony is a bright yellow truck with holes for 9 stackable barrel pegs. Little ones will enjoy placing each piece depending on its shape, while strengthening their fine motor skills. Plus each barrel peg is color-coded and labeled with a number 1-6, allowing for intuitive color and number recognition.

Recommended for ages 18 months+

Why We Love It

Games and puzzles aimed at toddlers are often overlooked, but this is the perfect age for them! Whether floor or block or frame-style, puzzles with large chunky pieces help toddlers with their fine motor skills and teach a lot about patience as they learn how to place each piece precisely. The best games for toddlers often include a tactile component or physical activity - at this age their attention span is limited and their energy boundless, so a game that harnesses one to channel the other is a win!