Tumble Maze

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Earn 28 Bonus Points

In this solo puzzle game, it's up to you to get the ball rolling! Based on individual challenge sheets placed on the board, players set up walls to guide their balls to the correct goal. While most of them are pre-placed, there will always be some that the player must place on their own, and it's this wall placement that determines whether or not they succeed. With 40 different sheets ranging from Beginner to Expert difficulty, there's plenty of replay value and opportunity to improve. Fans of Rush Hour and Invasion of the Cow Snatchers will enjoy the Blue Orange Tumble Maze puzzle game. For 1 player.

Recommended for ages 8+
Game includes:
  • 40 challenge sheets with solutions.
  • 21 walls in 3 sizes
  • 5 steel balls
  • 3 make your own challenge sheets
  • 1 maze board